About Us

I’m Jia Ying Tan, but most people call me JJT. I’ve been navigating the vast and intricate digital world for the past seven years, from blogging and SEO to course reviews and one-on-one coaching. I’m also the proud founder of, your one-stop-shop for diverse online training courses in Internet Marketing, Sales and Business, Forex Trading, NLP Hypnosis, Fighting Art, and more.

What Makes Jia Ying Tan Tick: My Expertise

Making Money Online: The internet is jam-packed with opportunities for making money, but only some of those glitters are gold. I can help you distinguish between the gold and the glitter, guiding you through profitable channels like affiliate marketing and freelancing. My years of experience enable me to give you a roadmap tailored to your online success.

Blogging & Writing: Having published over 500 articles on multiple platforms, I understand the ins and outs of content creation. Whether it’s the art of persuasive writing or strategic placement of keywords for SEO, I’ve got you covered. If you find it challenging to create engaging content, Jia Ying Tan is here to help.

SEO Mastery: Have you ever wondered how some websites consistently rank high on search engine result pages? That’s where my SEO expertise comes in. I’ve successfully elevated more than 50 companies in the Google rankings, and I can do the same for you.

Course Reviews: Given the plethora of online courses available, it’s hard to determine which ones offer genuine value. At, we cut through the noise to recommend courses worth your time and financial investment. Jia Ying Tan has personally reviewed over 200 online courses to provide you with the most unbiased and helpful advice.

Online Coaching: The internet sometimes feels like a labyrinth with endless choices and paths. I offer individualized coaching services to help you navigate this complex terrain. The coaching is provided through, an optimal platform offering various skill-building courses at affordable prices.

Noteworthy Achievements:

  • Authored 500+ articles on a range of topics
  • Enhanced SEO for 50+ companies
  • Conducted 200+ online course reviews
  • Featured in renowned tech and digital marketing publications

Jia Ying Tan’s Philosophy: Quality Over Quantity

In a landscape flooded with information, standing out requires more than just volume; it requires unparalleled quality. My commitment to excellence is unwavering, and every project I undertake is executed with meticulous research and expertise. I’m not the right fit for you if you’re after shortcuts. But if you’re looking for quality, and Jia Ying Tan are synonymous with that.

Let’s Get in Touch:

I’d love to hear from you if my expertise aligns with your goals. Here are the various ways you can get in touch with me:

I’m excited to embark on this digital journey with you, helping you unlock opportunities you never knew existed.