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Your feedback is invaluable to us at To show our appreciation, we’re offering a special 30% discount for those who share their experiences.

How to Get Your 30% OFF Discount ?

1.  Site Reviews on Trustpilot:

  • Rate Us on Trustpilot: After your purchase, you’ll receive an email asking for your feedback on Trustpilot. Please share your thoughts about our shop and products.
  • Earn a 30% Discount: After Trustpilot verifies your review, we’ll send you a special 30% discount code as a thank-you for your next purchase with us.
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2. Product Reviews on Our Website:

  • After Purchase: Upon buying a product, you’ll receive an email with the course’s download link. This email will also prompt you to review the product.
  • Writing the Review: Click on the link in your email (remember to check your spam box) to pen your review on our site. Once approved, a 30% discount will automatically apply to your next purchase.

Why Trustpilot Stands Out:

Trustpilot is a globally recognized review platform. By sharing your feedback here, you assist us in improving and guiding potential customers. And the best part? You get rewarded without making a purchase!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers can avail of the 30% discount for both a Product review and a Trustpilot site review.
  • Each discount code remains valid for 30 days from its issue date.
  • retains the right to alter or end the discount policy without prior notice.